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Shamanic Journeying


If you are interested in learning how to journey to your own power animal, contact Maia.

Shamanic journeys always take place in non-ordinary reality; in either the lower world, the middle world or the upper world. Everyone who learns how to journey has a power spot in ordinary reality which they enter to reach the lower world to meet with their power animal. The first journey always takes place in the lower world where one meets and builds a relationship with their power animal.

Eventually, one visits the upper world which is quite different from the lower world. There is a distinct piercing of a veil when one travels to the upper world. Whether it is a layer of clouds, fog or some other type of transition, it is definitely noticeable that one is no longer in the lower or middle world.

When you travel in non-ordinary reality, it is important to remember to always have your power animal with you. It is also important to know that you should return when the drum calls you back; to return exactly the way you came and completely settle back into your body before you carry on with things in ordinary reality.

Shamanic journeying in non-ordinary reality means that you are outside of time and space and it is easy to lose focus sometimes. Just relax, know you are in control and stay alert and focused on why you have come. Remember to have a specific question with you when you journey. It’s best to have one question per journey when you are a beginner. When you have a purpose and you are relaxed and open during your shamanic journey, things begin to happen. Your power animal will show you things and introduce events that he or she knows will benefit you.

It will come in the form of symbols, telepathy and/or a voice. A combination of the above is okay. Your power animal is getting to know you and will test the best way to give you the answers you are seeking. The more time you invest in journeying each day, the easier it becomes. Your power animal will anticipate you showing up and then provide you with unexpected information that will benefit your soul’s growth. Your power animal knows what you need. Take note! Don’t shrug it off. It could be an important message that could save you grief in the future.

Write down your journeys. Keep track to see how you progress. Writing down your journeys helps your power animal determine how much you understand. Enjoy this wonderful and empowering shamanic practice and please remember not to use it to control or manipulate others by finding out hidden information about them. Shamanic journeying should be about you, and only you, until you become a well-versed practitioner, at which time you will journey to help others.