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Access to spiritual powers and the gift of shamanic healing abilities come at a price to the shaman. It is well known and documented that a shaman must undergo a psycho-spiritual or physical breakdown prior to initiation. Sometimes, it is a near-death experience or a complete dismantling of a comfortable life, home or family.

Once the breakdown has occurred, the shaman is initiated and begins to feel and see differently. She aligns with her world energetically and spiritually and gives way to an expanded consciousness and heightened awareness of subtle energies. With this begins a life-long journey of learning and self-discovery that is guided by her power animal and spirit helpers in “non-ordinary reality;” and teachers, saints, and sages in “ordinary reality.” Her spiritual abilities and healing powers are set by her willingness to surrender to Spirit, her deep understanding and appreciation of the gifts that were given her and what she must do to help herself and others in her community.

Like other shamans and practitioners of the healing arts, I had to allow myself to be put through many painful experiences to be able to see things from all angles and discover my spiritual gifts.  I had to learn to see from a vastly different perspective than the average human being. All authentic shamans call on Spirit for help. No shaman works on their own accord and takes credit for their spiritual power. It is through the grace of God and our spirit guides that we achieve a high-level — and sometimes permanent — healing for our clients.

Shamanism is the oldest known healing methodology on our planet. It has been present on every continent and in every culture for as long as humans have inhabited Earth. I have studied many spiritual and healing traditions and have found shamanism to be an extremely powerful and effective way to heal a majority of what ails people. I call it the “short-cut way.”  The only prerequisite is to understand the work and to have an open mind and an open heart.

The root cause of all diseases, whether spiritual, psychological or physical are set in the spiritual realm first; and since our true and eternal essence is the soul, it makes sense to work in the spiritual realm to accelerate the healing process.

If you are interested in shamanic healing and soul retrieval work, in person or long-distance, feel free to reach out to me.

With love,