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I began suffering from a severe, incurable mental illness in 2014. I had intrusive violent thoughts and high anxiety  24/7, all day, every day. I searched everywhere for help and came across Maia’s website and called her to get help.

I was in a mental hospital when I made the call and we arranged an appointment. She performed a long distance extraction and soul retrieval. Maia also brought back my power animal.

Several months later, I began to notice less intrusive thoughts and the anxiety disappeared. I will never have that condition again and I am in permanent remission. I am thankful to God that I found her!

-Devyn, Dallas Texas

Dear Readers,

I had my 1st soul retrieval session in May of ‘ 08. Some of the information that Maia gave me concerning my infancy confirmed some other info that was told to me by family.

Maia had no previous knowledge of my background. Maia actually told me during our introductory conversations to not speak about any specifics of my background so that there would be clear channels for her reading. She also gave me specific daily practices to perform that would be beneficial for my soul retrieval integration and my overall soul advancement.

This is the most important aspect to remember. Once we ask for the knowledge for advancement we are bound to follow instructions and not continue with previous behavior that we know is not positive. That is what I did and I suffered for it.

It was not until I got back with Maia in August did I fully realize that I had to follow instructions/guidance. I’m happy to say that since then everything has been roses. Maia is an awesome being/ reader/healer and I’m so blessed to have chosen and worked with her. She is a bright light on this planet. I could go on and on about her talents but when you talk with her you can make your own decision.

I also attended Maia’s telepathy class in Oct. 08. She taught us the basics of telepathy and how we could develop our natural skills in using it. We did some actual “readings” of each other and had 1st hand experience of telepathy. As time permits I’ll do more and advanced work with her and the other students.”

David, Los Angeles

My Testimonial to Maia:

Most Precious are one of these…
a soul such as yours comes and helps others
in the true spirit of Great Spirit…
what you offer is Priceless
sometimes we cannot see
and are blocked in so many ways…
The Shamaness helps us to “see”
Reconnecting what feels alienated…

Maia, you really helped my Aunt Bonnie. She was already in chemotherapy when I first contacted you about her. I was in a bit of a panic at the time. I just knew that shamanic help would surpass the help of medicine and surgery, although medicine and surgery were already in order before I found you, and I believe that the two worked together in this case. What you gave her and my cousin Janette, for that matter, was truly joyful for them both. They told me of the things you said…and did…They were so lifted up and My Aunt Bonnie sailed through her ordeal like a champ. She has her Mantra, and the knowledge you bestowed to them that day…WOW!

Maia, you are truly a beautiful spirit and a true healer. I would someday love to partake of what you teach…if only I could…from here in San Diego.”

With Pure Love and COMPLETE Gratitude!

The Universe guided me to Maia in June 2012 when I had felt like I had just spiritually broken into pieces, scattered and without direction. There was so much stress and pain that I had endured over the years that it felt like there was no hope and no doctor would be able to help heal me.

Maia was so kind and gentle and guided me through the entire process with professionalism and true genuine care for my well-being. It was such an emotional experience for me, and I was glad that I had found someone so sensitive and in tune with just what type of healing I needed. I highly recommend spending some time with her if you are lost or feel spiritually hurt or missing like I was. Maia, you have a special place in my heart, always. Love & Light.

-Michelle, Dallas Texas

Dearest Maia,

Happy Easter!

We have been giving thanks for you and the miracles you worked in our lives. B. says he finally feels whole. L. has a high energy level and positive vibration. I feel balanced. It was an amazing experience. We really appreciate your hard work; and your thoughtfulness in bringing us together with your friends as well. It was truly an evening we will reflect upon for the rest of our lives. With love and gratitude.”

-G.C., Fort Worth, Texas

Dear Maia,
It’s hard to believe it’s only been seven months since your healing because my life has changed completely. The energy you brought back for me gave me the strength to really march down a path to healing, and remember myself. I started studying shamanism to help me be engaged in my healing process. I am on the last leg of doing a chakra healing course. Through this work, I’ve been able to remember, grieve and release the abuse done to me by my father.

-A.K. Los Angeles

I contacted Maia because I wanted to get in touch with my power animal and to do a soul retrieval. She far exceeded my expectations and was even kind enough to help out my 3-month-old daughter who’s doing significantly better since Maia helped her regain her trust from her traumatic birth. I’d highly recommend her to anyone.

-A.R. Los Angeles


Since I came to you for a soul retrieval/attachment my life has changed completely, and more so than that, I’ve changed. I always struggled with depression over the years and did everything I could to manage it, but I knew there had to be a solution… and that was you!

After the soul retrieval I stopped bouncing back and forth between feeling okay and feeling depressed and things began moving quickly – personally, professionally and spiritually.

I remember that day afterward feeling incredibly rested and peaceful, which I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so good.  Even the things you had said after journeying made so much sense and some of which I had never told anyone before.  And I felt tremendous relief from the guilt I had pushed back way into the corner of my mind.

Thank you so much, and thank you for the friendship.


Dearest Maia,

I invite you to share this letter with prospective clients so that they may better assess whether you are the right Shaman for them.

Since December I have had what seemed like insurmountable pain due to the ending of a substantial 18-month relationship and the slow, but steady decline of my mother.

I was beside myself with grief and believed I would never see past the pain of my losses.  I underestimated the power of the love and guidance that Maia is able to offer.  Not only did she guide me with tools of meditation, but she directed me to resources I was heretofore unaware of.

More importantly, she kept me feeling whole.  She never allowed me to feel regret nor did she allow me to believe that I couldn’t overcome the pain.  She reassured me and made herself available to me in my weakest moments.

In my strongest moments, she cheered me on and encouraged me to once again believe in who I am.

If you value unconditional love, spiritual guidance and a down to earth approach to life, Maia will be a wonderful choice for you.

May God bless you!
-Carole, Los Angeles

I have never felt better! I have a more positive outlook on life and things are going great! I bought a little Buddha that sits on my nightstand, along with a little Ganesha that I also purchased. I’ve been doing some research on my archangel and I think it’s Michael. I would like to keep in touch with you because you’re a positive influence in my life and I want to thank you for that.

-Meredith, Los Angeles

Hi, Maia!

My daughter is doing really well. I have noticed some difference in her, but I think it is a difference in my perception of her. She seems so magical to me – more so than ever lately. She’s just such a joy, words can’t even express. She’s getting better at expressing her feelings about her father – which I think is helpful.

I wanted to thank you again and let you know I am trying to pinpoint a time when I can come out with one of my friends. I’m so looking forward to coming out again.

Much love to you.
-Jill, Los Angeles