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The word shaman originating from the Tungus tribe of Siberia means “one who sees in the dark.” The shaman uses her ability to see with “the strong eye” or “with the heart” to travel to hidden spirit worlds to find information to perform acts that will heal an ailing individual or community.  – Sandra Ingerman

A shaman is a healer who uses her wisdom to serve her community. Shamans raise the consciousness of others, activate positive change and bring about spiritual growth.

Through the use of her sacred drum, the shaman enters into a state of ecstasy by which she can enter non-ordinary reality to aid in a person’s healing.

When a shaman journeys to non-ordinary reality, she is outside of time and space. Many experiences can take place and much knowledge can be obtained in a thirty-minute journey because information received by power animals, guides, and teachers in non-ordinary reality can be communicated in thought blocks, symbols and with telepathy.

A shaman can journey great lengths and to far away places in a few seconds to meet with her power animals and guides. Over a period of time, the shaman will establish very deep and meaningful relationships with her power animals, guides, and teachers and will learn to trust them implicitly.

It is the shaman’s job to communicate with the spirit world, giving respect to the ancestors and to her spiritual helpers and to live in unison with nature. Power animals and teachers literally or symbolically pass on important insights about the shaman’s own nature, or the person seeking healing or counseling. It is the shaman’s responsibility to accurately pass the information on to the client.

Some power animals and teachers may leave the shaman eventually and others will come in to assist with certain challenges the shaman has to overcome. Sometimes, a shaman has several power animals that assist her. Some come and go, depending on the shaman’s life circumstances. This is perfectly normal. However, there is one special power animal that stays with the shaman throughout her life.