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My Power Animal

I would like to respectfully acknowledge my power animal who is an amazing teacher, protector, advisor, healer, and best friend. My deepest spiritual relationship has been with him. He shows me unconditional love and guidance and has been an integral part in the healing that has occurred in my clients’ lives; and of course my own — and he never interferes with my free will or lessons I have to learn in ordinary reality!

A Desire to Meet My Teacher

From 1996-1997, I studied my ancestry and became fascinated with my Cherokee Grandmother, who crossed over before I had a chance to meet her in person. According to family members, she was a gentle and highly intuitive woman who loved to cook, but to me there was more to her than met the eye. I would soon find out why I sensed that about her.

I sent a message to the universe that I needed a teacher who complemented my desire to learn American Indian ways. Almost immediately the universe obliged and I was led to a shaman in my area who was about to begin a shamanic apprenticeship program which, of course, I applied for. My acceptance into the program would forever change my life.

In one of the first lessons, I was told to journey to the lower world, where I would meet my power animal. He would appear three times and I would be absolutely sure that he was my power animal.

That is exactly what happened. When I first met him, he nearly knocked me down and licked my face as if we had “known each other all our lives!” In that session we played and bonded energetically. I still smile about his enthusiasm.

The second journey, he led me down a path and sent me a telepathic message telling me to walk around a totem pole. I followed his direction and noticed a woman walking toward us in a beautiful white Indian dress. I knew instantly it was my Grandmother!

Profound Teachings

Once, my power animal led me toward a deep dark cave and asked: “If I told you to go in there, would you?” I answered: “Sure!” “You are naive then!” was his reply. I pondered that for a very long time. Another time, I journeyed to my power spot, where he stood waiting for me holding a small white sign that read: “Betrayal.” I read it, but unfortunately didn’t understand it.

The following journey, I arrived and the situation was identical. He stood waiting with the sign, but now the sign was significantly larger with bolder script that read: “Betrayal.” I shrugged it off because it did not make sense to me at the time. Looking back, I have to question my naiveté at the time and the unwillingness to take a long, hard look at my marriage.

I spoke to my then husband about it and wondered if someone could be betraying me in some way. There was a reason he responded with silence. I soon learned that my husband was having an affair. From then on, I paid very close attention and began to trust my power animal.