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Non-Ordinary Reality

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When someone experiences soul loss, the soul piece finds a safe haven in one of the three realms in non-ordinary reality.

Non-ordinary reality describes the three worlds shamans travel in to obtain information or retrieve soul essences that have split off during trauma. The three realms are:

The Upper World: Heaven, Divine. The place people who have had near-death experiences have been to. It is an ethereal place where angelic beings, teachers and our ancestors can be found.

The Middle World: This realm co-exists along with ours in current time. Shamanic practioners journey to this realm to help find lost objects, or help “ghosts” or spirits that are stuck in between worlds to cross over to the upper world. Sudden death can be a cause of a spirit not crossing over naturally. The middle world is also a place where someone living can hold a soul piece hostage. This is called soul stealing and causes loss of power in the victim. Has anyone ever told you: “I can’t let you go!” after a breakup? Holding a soul piece hostage prevents the victim from fulfilling their life’s destiny.

The Lower World: An ancient world that is inhabited by power animals and teachers that guide and protect us from harm. Shamans commonly journey to the lower world to meet their power animals for guidance and instruction or preliminary analysis of a client’s condition. The treatment plan can be implemented in non-ordinary and in ordinary reality.

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