Some of the frequently asked questions about Shamanism and Maia’s Practice.

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How did you become a shaman?

I have always been interested in spirituality, religion and hidden ancient knowledge. It wasn’t until a series of extreme emotional traumas that I found myself practicing shamanism. I immediately felt comfortable in the shamanic realm, so I knew it was my path. I also subscribe to the notion that a shaman has to live through many challenges to be gifted a special ability.

Who did you study with?

I’ve been fortunate to have studied with master teachers. Sandra Ingerman and Sri Kaleshwar just to name two. However, my most profound teachings have come directly from Spirit and my power animal.

Do you have a degree in psychology?

I do not. I am self-taught and well read. I have studied many works pertaining to psychology and shamanism. I consider the work I do psycho-spiritual work, so I have studied both extensively. I am also an ordained minister.

How long do your sessions last?

Depending on the situation. Mostly, they average 2.5 hours.

What are your fees?

I am usually paid $100 per hour, but I accept sliding scale fees. I have never turned anyone away for monetary reasons.

What is your mission statement?

My mission is to ease pain and suffering in my community and to provide a safe and supportive healing experience for my clients. For me, it is to continually grow, nurture my own soul and surrender to Spirit on a daily basis.

Do you do long-distance healing?

Yes, I have done many of them with great results.

What should I look for in a shaman?

First and foremost, you should feel comfortable and never spooked in any way. If you are unsure about the process even though you have all the information, and you still feel uneasy,  don’t do it. It’s better to believe and see incredible shifts in your life than to show up cynical and in a disrespectful way.

Shamans are humble about their work. Shamans who claim: “I am a shaman and I can heal you!” are untrained and they obviously have a big ego. Don’t set the appointment. Run away quickly.

What is one of the biggest successes you've seen in your work?

A woman came to me with cancer. She came with a wide open beautiful heart. She had nothing to lose and we had an amazing soul retrieval session together. I gave her a bottle of “I AM HEALTHY” water made by Aquamantra that my power animal told me to give her. She was to say this mantra every time she took a drink of water and fill the bottle again and again when empty. Three months later her cancer went into remission.

What do you do to prepare someone for a session with you?

First, I prepare my home and clear the energy. I light candles and incense and chant mantras. I asked for blessings in aiding the person about to arrive. Once my client arrives I make some tea and we sit together and discuss their situation. I do some energy work with the client to prepare their body for the soul essence and their power animal. The client lies and relaxes for a few minutes and then the work begins.

Have you ever turned people away?

I have. When I feel uncomfortable speaking with someone over the phone and I intuit that they could harm me spirituality, physically or psychologically, I do not take the appointment. There are people who are extremely unstable that seek out shamans. If I am unsure, I tell the person I will get back to them and then I journey on it. My power animal has never lied to me and when in doubt, I go straight to him for advice.

How do you do what you do?

I enter a trance state through drumming, which takes me to my power spot. I enter the lower world and call my power animal. Together, we find solutions and fragments of my clients’ soul essence and return them to the person.

I never take credit for what I do. I am very humble about my work and everyone I have worked with knows that I do this work by the grace of God. I always explain to my clients that I will tell my experiences the way I am shown or told by my guides.

I am the one who enters non-ordinary reality on behalf of my client. The experiences that happen are a combined effort and involve me, the client, our spirit guides, power animals, and God.

It would be a mistake and extremely egotistical of me to believe that I am solely the one who is responsible for inducing a healing in someone. One prerequisite I have is that the client shows up with an open heart and an open mind. That’s enough to initiate the beginning of a healing session.